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Sponsored by Lewis Dark, C.Ht.


"The Performance that's all in your Mind"

NEW PHONE NUMBER: (312) 339-3144

The Lewis Dark Hypnosis Show is closed. We would like to thank the last twenty years' of clients, volunteers, sponsors and audience members for a wonderful experience. Please see some of our snapshots below. For stage hypnosis in northern Illinois and the surrounding area, we recommend Lee Darrow, or Wand Enterprises (see links below).

The Lewis Dark Hypnosis Show was ...

Relaxing Amusing
. . . relaxing . . . amusing
Hilarious Amazing
No, it was hilarious . . . and it was amazing!
Stage hypnosis Stage hypnosis
Lewis Dark and some stars of his show,
at a publicity photo shoot
Get stiff without liquor!
(Professional model / experienced hypnotic subject)

2007 Mid-America Hypnosis Conference Show:

Sleeping Beauty Stuck
Sleeping Beauty MC Stuck!
What next?
What next?
Happy Why is this man smiling?
Happy! Why is this man smiling?
Stiff No havingone
Effortlessly stiff as a board No hangover!

     "The show was fabulous. You did a great job! Staff really enjoyed being part of the show too. So far, the only questions we received were, 'Were you really hypnotized?' And of course, I say yes and tell them how it feels and that you don't have to be concerned of going into a trance and being lost forever. I think that is the major concern. Residents really enjoyed the show, and we had said a great turnout - you could tell that people were and are very interested in hypnosis."
     --Donna Brown, Activities Director, Friendship Village Retirement Community, Schaumburg IL
     "Thanks again for a great show, our attendance was down about 30 people from our average amount and those kids don't know what fun they missed!"
     -- Deb Welsh, Kee H.S. Post Prom Committee, Lansing IA

Over the course of thirty years, Lewis Dark has studied hypnosis and self-hypnosis with Larry Garrett C.H., Linda Williamson, C.H., C.H.I., M.S., and Norma Baretta Ph.D. & Phil Baretta AAMFT, and most recently, Klaus Boettcher. He entertained privately through friends and neighbors while developing the idea of entertaining the hypnotized subject as well as the audience. He turned professional in 1995.  Mr. Dark is a graduate of the Lee Darrow Stage Hypnosis Safety Program, as well as the HRH-Willis Stage Hypnosis Safety Certification Course.

The Lewis Dark Hypnosis Show has been performed at private and company parties, sweet-sixteens and anniversaries, pre-nuptials and post-proms, and many other kinds of corporate, municipal, and family events in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Clients include: Randolph Street Gallery, New Arts Examiner magazine, Northern Indiana McDonald’s Association; First Farm Mortgage Corporation (Bloomington, IL), Haven House Shelter (Hammond, IN), DesPlaines, IL Park District, Bloom Township IL, Christopher House Community Services (Chicago IL). Agencies include: Harris Kal Productions, Redmink Productions (Chicago), The Design Group (Minneapolis), and Wand Enterprises.

Lewis Dark has taught self-hypnosis privately, as well as through the Learning Exchange (Evanston IL) and at Sanctuary Crystals (Alsip IL). He is a Certified Hypnotist affiliated with the National Guild of Hypnotists, and has given lectures at the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference, the Leidecker Institute, and the Association to Advance Ethical Hypnosis. In 2007 he was selected for the honor of performing his show to his fellow professional hypnotists at the annual Mid-America Hypnosis Conference.

The Lewis Dark Hypnosis Show started as an amateur proposition in 1991 and ran as a professional operation from 1995 to 2015. Mr. Dark has moved on to other pursuits, but is always happy to explain hypnosis to anyone who asks.

Lewis Dark, C.Ht * P.O. Box 7005 * Chicago, IL 60680-7005
NEW PHONE NUMBER: (312) 339-3144
* lewisdark "at"

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