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Sponsored by Lewis Dark, C.Ht.

Economy Self-Hypnosis

A one-session primer in stress-relief, goal achievement, and feeling good.

Now available monthly at the Garrett Wellness Center in Chicago and at your invitation.

For thirty years Lewis Dark has been offering one-session basic self-hypnosis classes to the general public in small venues. The class is meant to be both simple and affordable, hence the title "Economy Self-Hypnosis."

Though most people think of hypnotism as something one person does to another, it is a truism that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. A "hypnotist" is really just a hypnosis teacher, though teaching at a subconscious level.

Similarly, though most people think of hypnotism as a means of solving problems (or of entertainment), hypnosis and self-hypnosis are excellent tools to make your everyday life better. Thus the emphasis of this class is on stress relief (or stress-proofing), goal achievement, and overcoming the many ordinary difficulties of a modern existence.

The class has three elements: A summary of the scientific basis behind helpful altered states of consciousness, a selection of easy methods of achieving trance states (including both mental and physical relaxation), and perhaps most importantly, a guide to self-suggestion and positive thinking that lets you put those trance states to work.

With these methods in hand you can go home, pick and choose those techniques most helpful to you, and become your own hypnotist to improve your own life.

In the Chicagoland area, the class is held the second Sunday of every month at the Garrett Wellness Center, 3020 N. Kimball Ave., Chicago 60618. It runs from 2 to about 4:30 PM. Cost is $35 (cash or check preferred but debit/credit cards are now accepted). You will also receive plenty of printed material for later study at home.

The Garrett Wellness Center is located 3 blocks south of the I-90/94 Kennedy Expressway Kimball-Belmont exit, and 2 blocks south of Blue Line Belmont-Kimball CTA stop. There is a free parking lot at 2927 N. Kimball, and free metered parking on Kimball Ave. on Sundays. Please see the map at

The class can be held for small groups at any Chicago-area venue for an equivalent fee. Please inquire by phone or email if you are interested.

Before taking the class, it is recommended that you study the description of hypnotism on the home page of this website.


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