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"Comic Relief" DVD

Video: Lewis Dark's "Comic Relief: Goofs, Pratfalls, Mistakes, Errors in Hypnosis and How to Avoid Them" presented May 10, 2005 to the Association to Advance Ethical Hypnosis (Illinois Chapter 2).

"Stage hypnotists entertain rather than advise or cure, but sometimes laughter is indeed the best medicine. Laugh and learn as you hear about accidental inductions, disappearing volunteers, misfired suggestions, and the subject with the mind of her very, very, own. Don't do as I did; learn what not to do, and avoid unintentional comedy in your practice or demonstrations of hypnotism." -- Lewis Dark

This video is intended for educational viewing by stage hypnotists, Certified Hypnotists/Hypnotherapists and licensed / degreed professionals in counseling, psychology and medicine whose practice includes the induction of altered states of consciousness including hypnosis.

This video is a great presentation all hypnotists will enjoy. Lewis starts by discussing an unexpected phenomenon that occurred to Milton Erickson, then progresses to other interesting events from his own and other hypnotists' careers. Watch this video both to laugh and to avoid making the same errors! Live demonstrations with three volunteers show both the mistakes and how to avoid them.

Running length: 1:30. Includes four pages of printed supplements.

$25 postpaid

"Basic Erickson" 2-CD Audio presentation


MILTON H. ERICKSON M.D. (1901-1980) was a psychiatrist, physician, family counselor, research scientist and teacher. He was arguably the 20th Century’s most important expert on hypnotism and trance states, as well as a highly innovative and effective psychotherapist and a dedicated healer. Erickson for Beginners presents a clear, organized overview of Erickson’s life, professional accomplishments, and findings in hypnosis. Based on in-depth study of actual case histories and other original writings published by Erickson himself and his immediate followers, this audio presentation is intended to both educate and entertain.

This audio CD set is compiled from a series of lectures given about Dr. Erickson in 2005-06, with additional audio and written material, including demonstrations of hypnotic induction, a self-hypnosis lesson, and bibliography. It is intended for experienced professionals in the helping professions who use hypnosis in their practices. It is not for beginning hypnotists, but for experienced hypnotists who are beginners in Erickson.

CONTENTS: Disc One of Two: BIOGRAPHY AND THEORY. 1. Introduction 2. A Summary of Achievements 3. Biography 4. Erickson and the Psychology of his Time 5. Some Principles of Erickson's Hypnosis and Therapy 6. Transcript of an Induction, with Commentary. Disc Two of Two: ANECDOTES AND TECHNIQUES. 1. Case Histories Not Involving Formal Hypnosis 2. Case Histories Involving Formal Hypnosis 3. Adapting Erickson's Methods to Your Own Practice 4. Metaphor and Storytelling 5. Strategies of Inducing Hypnosis (live demonstrations) 6. Erickson-style Self-Hypnosis 7. Closing Remarks

2 1/2 hours of audio material on 2 audio Compact Discs with a 6-page written supplement.

$35 postpaid



Mail check or money order in US funds payable to Lewis Dark to: PO Box 7005, Chicago IL 60680, United States, with your address. All products sent by US Postal Service post-paid. Please include contact information in case of special needs. Take a $10 discount when ordering both products.

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